Das ist Little Hanna

Little Hanna aus Lahti in Finnland

Dear Karsten, Thomas and Bettina,

Thank You soooo much for the wonderful tour Little Hanna took part in! When I opened the return package and found Little Hanna and everything else packed nicely and cutely I felt that she had really been taken good care of. And the pictures were really cute too. I did not know she could have so many faces and be seen in so many different charactures: In one picture she looks really cute, in the other like a shy girl and in the third like a real cosmopolitan and a world traveller and so on. I think you guys are very good photographers. The picknick pictures were also great, especially the second one on which I really got the feeling that they had had some great party... Oh yes, and your letter to the cuddly toy owner on which you tell how hard it was for you to say good-bye - that and and the whole process from reading about you in the newspaper and registrating my doll on the tour to finally opening the return package and watching the pictures over and over again just MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD! It feels as if I myself had been there taken good care of and enjoying some freedom and vacation. And as you saw Little Hanna in so many beautiful ways, as the pictures show, I feel that I was seen in many beautiful ways. And you certainly can not get too much of that kind of feeling. So I thank You from the bottom of my heart and congratulate myself that I jumped into this.

Little Hanna hat ein bischen auch deutsch gelernt und sie hat auch etwas zu sagen: "Vielen Dank Karsten und Thomas und Bettina. Ich bin so glücklich dass ich mit Ihnen gereist bin. Sie sind die bäste Fremdenführer in der Welt. Alles Gute zu Ihnen!"

with best regards, Hannele and Little Hanna
(27. September 2006)