Das ist Smokey

Smokey aus Tasmanien in Australien

Dear Karsten and Thomas,

our much-loved little Smokey arrived home again yesterday & we were so very pleased to see him. He said he enjoyed himself immensely & some day may even get one of his friends to go on the tour.

You asked for some feed-back? I think you can see from what I've written so far that I was very pleased that I let my Smokey go on the tour & he was well looked after as I said. There was one small point though that would make things easier. As we speak no German, we found it a bid difficult to exactly put a name to the locality of each photo. It would have been much easier if you had printed the locations on the back of the photos.

Once again, Karsten and Thomas, thankyou for taking such good care of our little Smokey!

With all our many best wishes

Regards, Patsy
(Australien, 18. Mai 2007)

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