This is Ricky zwo

Ricky zwo from Cologne

Hello my dear cuddly toy travel-guides,

today, Ricky Zwo has arrived back home in Cologne safely and perfectly relaxed. Both of us were so happy to see each other again. Although I'm sure that Ricky would have stayed some days longer. He enjoyed the trip to Berlin so much - especially the picnic. I have the impression that Soren Lynd Asbjorn and Ricky Zwo got quite close... He is romanticising about him all the time. But Ricky was too shy to ask for the phone number as usual.

When we were having a glass of beer he told about all the other bodacious things that he had seen and did in Berlin. He is extremely proud of his new passport and of the great pictures which he brought home (- as you can see on this picture).

Ricky asked me to thank you for the nice time - as he is a bit exhausted from the trip and will go to bed, soon.

Kind regards - Viva Colonia!

Stefan and Ricky Zwo
(18. September 2007)